Monday, October 20, 2008

Our beginning...continued

Brandon and I hung out as friends for quite some time. We cut a lot of classes together and went to a friends house and played basketball, jumped on the tramp, or talked. We tried a date a few times but plans fell through...we had fun just being together and hanging out was free. He had a great group of friends (Adam, Jason G., Trale, Joey, Jason A., Kenny) that were so gracious to accept a girl in their circle. I mostly preferred to be with boys because girls were so shallow, catty, and jealous at this point. I remained drama free when I was with boys, just had to put up with the teasing and fowl manners, no problem! The girl-free days didn't last long because I met Autumn, Joey's younger sister, and she and I hit it off. I never regret a day in my life that she has been a part of it, I love her with all my heart. To this day I consider her to be one of the best friends I've ever had.

I had a non-exclusive dating rule, which Brandon who only ever dated exclusively hated. I didn't date just one person, although I preferred to be with him. He had to book me in advance sometimes and there was one incident where I overbooked. This was memorable for me because I had to call him and break our date (for the record I didn't want to do, but it was the right thing to do) because I had already promised a second date with someone else. He was infuriated, hurt and confused. I felt torn but I went on my date and had a horrible time...he tried to kiss me and I cut the good night short. The next time I talked to Brandon he told me he and Adam (his cousin who he lived with) went on a double date. He took a girl from his ward who had a huge crush on him and he knew it would make me jealous. It worked, and I never broke another date with him again!

So, obviously we continued to date and we added a few friends to our very tight knit circle (Joel-home from a mish & Caleb) and had the time of our lives! We continued to date through Brandon's senior year at Woods Cross High. I had a scary date with a return missionary who after the second date was ready to propose and I decided that I didn't want to date any one else. When Brandon and I were together again we were driving towards his house in North Salt Lake and passing the temple I told him what I had decided. He about drove off the road but couldn't stop grinning. I don't know for sure but I think this was the push for him to start his plans for a proposal.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Motivated, Dedicated, Fired Up

"Are you motivated? Motivated, motivated, motivated coach! Are you dedicated? Dedicated, dedicated, dedicated coach! Are you fired up? Fired up, fired up, fired up coach! Take a deep breath, let it out. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

It wasn't our first exposure to this chant for champions when we started tackle football. Paka played baseball for the first year last year and they nick named him "Ichiro" the slap-stick that always pulled out a great hit when the team needed it the most. Coach Rusty really got the team motivated and fired up with this chant (can't be a cheer in boy sports, so chant fits the best). It's undescribable how much the kids light up with this chant and how much they love to say it. Paka's football team has always done this since summer practice. Coach Greg makes it like a treat when they get to do it and they have become such a dedicated team because of it.

With a record of no losses and no touchdowns scored on a team that consists of 7-11 year old boys, it's quite a feat to have that reputation. Our season is nearly over and only 3 more games to play...and win. Our bowl game will likely be against the dreaded Ponte Vedra Team mostly because of their passing game. You can't sway the Mighty Mite Black team from a win though. We all have our eye on the prize and I hear kids say in a very motivated way, "I wanna hurt someone today!" Now, for those that are against the violence or contact sports I will say this...the lingo is not for you. Coach Greg tells them to, "get out there and hurt somebody, put a licking on them, make him cry, make his mama cry from the stands and say, 'No, my baby!' and winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." But even though we teach them to be tough, play hard, and go for the win...we do it with love for them all.

I gotta hand it to a great coach and motivator, Coach Greg Taylor for his ability to lead this team. Hard words are not all he has to offer, he sacrifices his own time and money to give this team everything he can, and to make us look and play like a unified team. More famous quotes, "That's the way to do it! I don't wanna hear can't I know you got it in you, so do it. That's the way to play some ball son, now give yourself a hand. I am proud of you! That's what I'm talkin about!"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Never too late

The inevitable is death...there's no getting around it for now. We deal with death daily and in all forms of it. Whether it's someone close to you, someone's loved one, or a stranger, it's never any less sad. We can't change when it happens but we can keep a good memory alive by remembering them at their best and not dwelling on the bad things that never changed. Asking ourselves what we could have done differently to avoid it won't bring them back. A healthy closure and an acceptance of death will come with time. If you've ever taken a class that talks about death you would have heard about the grieving stages. While I was in nursing school we rememberd them as D.A.B.D.A. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. You may experience them in order, out of order, or some not at all. This process can repeat itself even if you've achieved the Acceptance stage.

I've dealt with a lot of death in my short time on earth starting from when I was very young and impressionable. I don't have an epiphany that will save anyone from grief, but I do know that each experience has made me stronger. I learned when my mother passed away that you cannot let time pass you by and do nothing. Nothing should go unsaid, no arguement unsettled, and never wait to tell someone you care about them or love them. For some, reaching out to them could make all the difference in the world. Yet for others their minds may have already chosen another path. Suicide, cancer, untimely motor vehicle crashes, random gun fire, and such tragedy's occur daily...don't wait to say what you want to say. It's never too late to care.

Rest in peace Marcus W. Kros and all those who passed before you. I promise to make your life a memory of learning and love.