Sunday, December 14, 2008

The dance

It seems fitting that about this time 13 years ago I was unaware of the plans that were being concocted to be eternally a Kros. I was very happy to be "out" of the dating we discussed not dating anyone else and being exclusive. This was kind of the big hint he needed to know that I was done looking. Not to say I was a subtle girl, I told it like it was. I told him not to attempt to kiss me that when I was ready I would kiss him. Besides the guy is always ready, and he agreed.

We did have several life changing discussions about where we wanted to be married, what I thought was a romantic proposal, and that my answer would not be right away if he did ask me. I wanted to be able to pray about it and know that it was right before I gave an answer, again he seemed very patient with my requests.

The hard part for us was definitely the talk about a mission. I was horrified to think about being away from him, but I understood the magnitude of the purpose he needed to serve. Secretly he struggled with the thought of going on a mission and not having me there when he got back. We had the whole discussion of me waiting for him and us being promised to one another as well, but it wasn't comforting to either of us. I understand the purpose of the way we ended up now, he needed to be there for me when my mom passed away...which would have occurred while he was serving a mission. So on his own accord he decided not to go on a mission, which devastated a lot of people, but I was understanding.

A very elaborate plan was concocted unbeknownst to me, and the plan for my hand was now in motion.

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